Balanced Hydration (35serv) by NutriForce

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By teaming with NutriForce Sports, revolutionary Doctor of Physical Therapy Kelly Starrett has finally developed a product he says will have an immediate impact on how humans feel and perform, from the highest levels of competition to daily errands. The result is Balanced Hydration, specifically formulated to promote all-day hydration and keep the body primed for whatever activity comes next. We sat down with Kelly to talk recovery, exercise, and why Balanced Hydration is so innovative in its approach.

Why is all-day hydration so important?

Exercise makes us weaker, and it’s our adaptation to exercise that makes us stronger. Hydration is crucial both during exercise and when you’re not exercising, when your body is recovering. Balanced Hydration is designed to help people make the most of their downtime and recovery time.

If you’re dehydrated, you can’t repair the tissue damage from the last workout, you can’t synthesize protein properly. You see ligaments and tendons that become more vulnerable, and they aren’t able to withstand day-to-day use as well, even just in normal life. What we want to do is make it simple for people to actually absorb the water they’re drinking. It’s hard to get enough water in a busy day. I have kids, I work a full time job, and sometimes it’s easy for me to fall behind. Balanced Hydration has the essential electrolytes, minerals, and salts to help you absorb the water you’re drinking.

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